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Ami Hazbany
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Is there an API method to query data according to old blocks? For example, specify an old block number and query the TON balance of a wallet. A different exa...
one year ago
1 Error 500 when using endpoint from Orbs


This error caused by trying to access an old block from a node which does not store this information for long period.

All nodes in the network have some default retention for historical data and fetching old blocks requires accessing archive nodes which stores this information for longer periods.

We are currently working to dramatically increase the retention for archive nodes and soon you will be able to access old blocks.

one year ago
1 How to query old blocks on TON? Do I need archive node for this?

The default configuration for ton full node (https://github.com/ton-blockchain/ton/blob/master/validator/validator.h#L95) is to save state for 1 hour. Block related data is saved for 1 week. Both are moved to archive dir after this period. Archive dir is deleted after 1 year. This configuration can be changed and archive nodes for example will deploy their nodes with much bigger values so users can query state at anytime in history.

In order to query an old state (more than 1 hour ago) *...

one year ago