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Vudi Kingyru
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TON and Everscale have similar roots and should be fairly compatible from a technological perspective. Although they are separate networks with different val...
-1 How to create a new TON wallet programatically?

You can use the TonWeb javascript SDK.

const tonweb = new TonWeb();

const wallet = tonweb.wallet.create({publicKey});

const address = await wallet.getAddress();

const nonBounceableAddress = address.toString(true, true, false);

const seqno = await wallet.methods.seqno().call();

await wallet.deploy(secretKey).send(); // deploy wallet to blockchain

const fee = await wallet.methods.transfer({
    toAddress: 'EQDjV...
one year ago
1 What's the difference between wallet contract v3 and v4?

There are a bunch of contracts developed by the original TON team to manage TON coins, but only 4 versions are currently available.

Wallet v1: allows you to create a wallet.
Wallet v2: added a sequence of actions (seqno).
Wallet v3: added public key generation (TON Wallet)
Wallet v4: relevant to Tonkeeper, tonhub. v4 adds new functionality to complex logic and pairing of smart contracts. For example subscriptions (private channels) and stacking. This version allows you to greatly expan...

one year ago
1 About TON DNS Future

Существует 3 статьи на эту тему:

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one year ago