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Vladimir Plotvinov
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1 Can explorers show the smart contract code?

Some explorers can show you code (fift) for a popular contracts like wallets. As example tonscan on source tab
As I know it's based on data from verify

Also you can get bytecode in base64 or hex for any contract and compare it with build from repository (if contract in public)

one year ago
1 How to get a current date in FunC?

function now() will return current date in seconds


one year ago
0 What is the ADNL address used for TON Sites?

I guess this instruction can help you. How to run ton sites

In step 3 you have to generate ADNL address for your domain

one year ago
1 Is there a "definitive" library for developing on TON?

Clients (tool and api)

one year ago
0 How to get the conversion rate of TON to a fiat currency?

You can use pancakeswap API for get coin price in USD and convert it in your application

Simple example

const PANCAKESWAP_TONCOIN_ID = '0x76a797a59ba2c17726896976b7b3747bfd1d220f'
const PANCAKESWAP_URL = 'https://api.pancakeswap.info/api/v2/tokens'
const UPDATE_ERROR = "Can't update token price"

await new Axios({})
  .then(async (response) => {
    if (
      response.status === 200 &&
      response.data &&
one year ago
1 Where to find validators/staking statistics?

You can try to check this links

one year ago
1 Is it possible to turn a seed phrase into a private key and vice versa?
  1. For generate private key from seed pharse you can use this library. From mnemonic you will recieve a secret(private) + public keys

  2. It's impossible. You can't get seed phrase of pair keys.

one year ago
0 How to tell apart addresses of exchanges and usual wallets?

You need to deploy a simple contract per user (who voted) and calculate address (deterministic) for store user vote. You main contract will store counts only.
yes - 313
no - 131

If user want to change vote than user should sent transaction to personal vote item (you can prepare it in your ddap) and that item will change vote on main contract

You can see simple example here - https://github.com/Tonstarter/simple-vote to understand how it can be work for a lot users without big ...

one year ago
2 Why don't I receive an error when attempting to call a non-existent get method?

No it's not a same exit code. You recieve a "-13" exit code. API called lite-server and receive some result it's why you got 200 OK. -13 exit code I would say it means method_id not found on smartcontract (but I can't find this remark in documentation).

13 - Out of gas error. (it is not a negative number and means out of gas)

one year ago
0 How difficult is it to transfer a Solidity project to TON?

In short, yes, you should rewrite your smart contracts from scratch. How much you need to rewrite, it's based on project logic. I can share couple things for help you to make a decisio.

Firstly, FunC is not the same as Solidiy.You can find more details about this language and examples in the documentation.

Secondly, and I would say this is a very important point. Ton has a different architecture than ETH like chains. You can read this article to understand more how Ton wo...

one year ago
2 How do I sign and verify a message on my local machine?

Any string which was sign by secret key can be verify with public key. Some examples below

For sign a payload (nacl used from ton-crypto)

const signatureData = beginCell()
      .storeUint(123, 32)
nacl.sign(signatureData.hash(), YOUR_SECRET_KEY)

For check signature on another side (js) it can be like this:

  return nacl.sign.detached.verify(message, signature, pubkey)


one year ago
0 Is it possible to pay transaction fees for one address from another address?

In short, no (or I don't know it). Each transaction and contract has to pay the fee itself. You can only change the sendMode for transaction.

You can try to organise this. Some random ideas

  • Use contract B as proxy for all transactions to contract A and B will add some TONCOINS for payment. Also the surplus can be returned by contract A to contract B.

  • If contract A has any transaction with a small amount, then A will send the transaction to contract B (also attaching the payment b...

one year ago
0 How do I decode the response from getTransactions in the TonWeb SDK?

This is interface for getTransactions on typescript. You can use it for get more information how to parse response - github reference

Tonweb return has a same data. Thats both client use same API

one year ago
0 Unwrapping ERC20 based TON

Hello! If you mean ERC20 Toncoin then you can try to use official bridge https://ton.org/bridge/ for transfer Toncoins.

one year ago