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Rahul Dabhi
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i want to know which address is optional because i have define main wallet address many time. this is working example. i want to short this method if possibl...
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I want to make sure that transfer was success using this method response tonConnectUI.sendTransaction() I am using : React js @tonconnect/ui-react @ton/ton E...
10 months ago
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Hey, i am getting this error while trasnfer NFT. I can't find this error anywhere. i have used as ton metion in their docs. please help me why i am geeting t...
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I am looking for NFT staking tutorial but couldn't found. Like other blockchain i want to create a staking platform for my client and they have collection of...
3 How we generate a Transaction Hash in the TON Blockchain?

You can generate hash with boc before transaction or after transaction with response boc.

const bocCell = TonWeb.boc.Cell.oneFromBoc(TonWeb.utils.base64ToBytes(response.boc));
const hash = TonWeb.utils.bytesToBase64(await bocCell.hash());
10 months ago
0 TypeError: Do not know how to serialize a BigInt

i already solved this error. the error was in converting TON to nano using this "toNano()" function, this should be work as they mention in docs but it's giving error. so i had to remove that function and set static value.

10 months ago