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4 months ago
0 How can i send ton in C# wallet to other wallet??

i test this code but code return this error :
Received error: {"ok":false,"error":"LITE_SERVER_UNKNOWN: cannot apply external message to current state : External message was not accepted\nCannot run message on account: inbound external message rejected by transaction 567F1D4BCB17CE7440806854F3DB31A986229B46C73EFE0835F80B9E4CAC5258:\nexitcode=9, steps=8, gas_used=0\nVM Log (truncated):\n...execute SETCP 0\nexecute DICTPUSHCONST 19 (xC_,1)\nexecute DICTIGETJMPZ\nexecute PUSHPOW2 9\nexecute LDS...

3 months ago