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How do the prices for the TON DNS project work?

I'm interested to see the project's future and how its sales and prices change. Also, is there a roadmap or schedule for the TON DNS project?

Posted one year ago
Edited one year ago
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In regards to price action, the following is copied from the link above:

Minimum price.
As protection against spamming bots that automatically register names, there will be a base price and floor price one has to pay.

The base price and floor price depend on the number of characters in your domain name.

Base price — The price at which begins the bidding.

Floor price — A price that cannot go lower than this threshold.

Number of characters: Base price/floor price.

4 characters: 1,000/100 Toncoin

5 characters: 500/50 Toncoin

6 characters: 400/40 Toncoin

7 characters: 300/30 Toncoin

8 characters: 200/20 Toncoin

9 characters: 100/10 Toncoin

10 characters: 50/5 Toncoin

More than 11 characters: 10/1 Toncoin

Every 30 days, the current base price will decrease by 10% until it reaches the floor price.

Posted one year ago
Edited one year ago

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