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Getting an error "PROC:<{:procedure already defined" while running `toncli run_tests` command

When I execute the toncli run_tests command I get an error:

toncli run_tests      
INFO: 🌈 Start tests
INFO: 🥌 Build successfully, check out ./build
Loading private key from file build/contract.pk

[ 1][t 0][2023-01-07 06:04:18.928127][Fift.cpp:67]	top: abort
level 1: swap { <continuation 0x600003e40d20> } if **HERE** drop 
level 2: [in @PROC:<{:] over @fail-ifdef **HERE** 2 { <continuation 0x600003e64720> } does null swap @doafter<{ 0 32 u, 
level 3: <text interpreter continuation>
level 4: <continuation 0x600003e6c1e0>
level 5: <text interpreter continuation>
[ 1][t 0][2023-01-07 06:04:18.928147][fift-main.cpp:204]	Error interpreting file `/var/folders/rq/zr74jh517sbcgn11282s_khm0000gp/T/tmp2_6x23dj.fif`: contract_tests.fif:2059:	PROC:<{:procedure already defined

What may be its cause and what should I do about it?

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You have declared some function which is already declared in toncli libraries. List of these libraries is available in their sources on Github:

Usually it happens when you redeclare some function from stdlib.func or math.func

Posted one year ago
Daniil Sedov
219 × 6 Administrator
1 Answer
one year ago
one year ago