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In transactions, what are "compute_gas_fees" and "other_fee"?

What are compute_gas_fees and other_fee? They consume much more coins than gas fee. Is there a way to lower them?

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Posted one year ago
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compute_gas_fees and other_fee are fees charged by the TON network for processing smart contract transactions.

compute_gas_fees are the fees charged for the computation required to execute the smart contract code. This includes the cost of processing instructions, reading and writing data to the blockchain, and validating transactions. The amount of compute_gas_fees charged depends on the complexity of the smart contract code and the amount of resources required to execute it.

other_fee is a catch-all fee that includes other costs associated with processing transactions, such as the cost of storing data on the blockchain or the cost of bandwidth used by the network.

Unfortunately, there is no way to lower these fees directly. However, there are some ways to optimize your smart contract code to reduce the amount of compute_gas_fees charged. This includes optimizing algorithms, reducing unnecessary computations, and minimizing the amount of data stored on the blockchain.

Additionally, it is possible to negotiate fees with validators or use alternative networks with lower fees, but this requires additional research and may come with other tradeoffs.

Can take more details here about Fees:

Posted one year ago
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