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Why do I get a connection refused error when running the lite client?

I keep getting a connection refused error when I run the lite client. Any idea what could be causing the issue?

shayan@shayan-pc:/usr/bin/ton$ sudo ./lite-client/lite-client -C ton-global-lite-client.config.json -D-/ton-db-dir/ 
using liteserver with addr []
zerostate set to -1:17A3A92992AABEA785A7A090985A265CD31F323D849DA51239737E321FB05569:5E994FCF4D425C0A6CE6A792594B7173205F740A39CD56F537DEFD28B48A0F6E 
[1][t 0][2022-07-31 18:59:13.439229395][adnl-ext-connection.cpp:129][loutconn] Client got error [PostxError: Connection refused: 111: Error on [fd:5]] 
[1][t 0][2022-07-31 18:59:23.371299561][adnl-ext-connection.cpp:129][outconn] Client got error [PostxError: Connection refused: 111: Error on [fd:5]]

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This can be caused by outdated config files. Ensure that you've downloaded the right ones and are using them.

Posted one year ago
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1 Answer
one year ago
one year ago