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Is it technically possible to create an EVM-powered TON workchain?

Currently TON blockchain consists of only one workchain and the masterchain. All the smart-contract code in masterchain and basic workchain is executed by TVM (Ton Virtual Machine). But TON provides the opportunity to create more workchains in the future. And the whitepaper by Nikolai Durov mentions that those hypothetical future workchains could use different virtual machines:

Different workchains may have different rules, meaning different formats of account addresses, different formats of transactions, different virtual machines (VMs) for smart contracts, different basic cryptocurrencies and so on.

So I'm trying to understand: do those "different virtual machines" have to be TVM-like, or could they be very different, like EVM? Could someone hypothetically create a TON workchain where code would be executed by EVM instead of TVM, so code written for EVM would be reusable on TON?

Posted one year ago
Edited one year ago
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one year ago
one year ago