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Can other addresses pay for the maintenance of your TON domain?

In the TON DNS smart contract, there is code that makes it so that if the owner doesn't make a transfer within a year, the DNS will be released. Is there a way for other addresses to maintain this requirement?

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Posted one year ago
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The code is law, and the law says no. I imagine that this is to ensure that domains are held by people who are "alive".

Here is the code for reference.

    if (op == op::dns_balance_release) { ;; release domain
        throw_unless(414, (now() - last_fill_up_time > one_year) & (cell_null?(auction)));
        int min_price = get_min_price(domain.begin_parse().slice_bits(), now());
        throw_unless(407, msg_value >= min_price);
        int balance_without_msg = my_balance - msg_value;
        int amount_to_send = balance_without_msg - min_tons_for_storage();
        if (amount_to_send > 0) {
            send_msg(owner_address, amount_to_send, op::dns_balance_release, query_id, null(), 2); ;; ignore errors
        max_bid_amount = msg_value;
        max_bid_address = sender_address;
        auction_end_time = now() + auction_start_duration; ;; always 1 week
        owner_address = zero_address();
        auction = pack_auction(max_bid_address, max_bid_amount, auction_end_time);
        store_data(index, collection_address, owner_address, content, domain, auction, now());
        return ();
Posted one year ago
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one year ago
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