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Is there a developer console or any API keys that I need to create a wallet for TON?

I would like to create a crypto wallet and wanted to find out whether TON has a Facebook-like console that provides developers with keys or a secret API Key access that create their own applications based on TON.

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Posted one year ago
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TON is a decentralized blockchain, and rarely is there a developer console for blockchains like there is in Web2 (private blockchains might have these sorts of features). Some blockchains might have third party deployment tools for smart contracts that act as infrastructure, but that's not necessary for creating a wallet. What you're likely looking for is a way to query information off of the blockchain and to send transactions, which will require an http-api endpoint. Some of these endpoints do have API keys, such as toncenter. Though it is recommended that for production you host your own endpoint.

Posted one year ago
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