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Does store_slice act like store_ref?

Hello, I'm trying to understand the underlying logic of slice and cell in TON blockchain.

I'm wondering if store_slice acts like store_ref and if it's possible to use load_ref and begin_parse with store_slice.

Additionally, what is the most efficient way to store a slice as a ref?

The question imported from: https://t.me/tondev_eng/1075

Posted one year ago
Edited one year ago
Howard Peng
10 × 1 Administrator
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No, store_slice and store_ref are two different functions with different inputs and outputs.

store_slice adds slice bits and slice refs to a builder, while store_ref adds a cell to a builder's refs. Using store_slice with load_ref and begin_parse is not possible.

Regarding the most efficient way to store a slice as a ref, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. One possible method is to use builder.store_ref(begin_cell().store_slice(slice).end_cell()), but this may involve creating an extra cell.

The most efficient way to store a slice as a ref will depend on the specific requirements and constraints of the application, and may involve trade-offs between gas cost and complexity of the implementation.

Posted one year ago
Edited one year ago
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