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Inquiry About Transfer of TG NFT Username and Error Code 206

Hi, I transferred my TG NFT username to another wallet, but the transfer has not happened yet. The transaction generated exit code 206. Is this normal? Can someone help me understand why this happened and how to resolve it?

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Posted one year ago
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That's a great question. If you check the repository URL for this NFT, which is the code in FunC, Telemint, you'll see a line of code that reads throw_unless(err::not_enough_funds, bid >= initial_min_bid);*1.

This line means that you need more funds in the NFT itself to trigger this kind of transaction in practice. In other words, "not enough funds" means that you should replenish the balance of the NFT smart contract so that there is more than 💎1.

*1: https://github.com/TelegramMessenger/telemint/blob/c6e3d326376fa902c932299e6bfd710111ee2fed/func/nft-collection-no-dns.fc#L47

Posted one year ago
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one year ago
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