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How to find a job or a project idea for developing on TON?

This is not strictly a programming question, but it is related to the TON development ecosystem. If I am a lone developer interested in TON blockchain, how can I find a company to work for or a great idea to implement?

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Posted one year ago
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Regarding the project ideas, there's TON Footsteps initiative with some ideas and bounties set for them: https://github.com/ton-society/ton-footsteps

Also it's usually a good idea to make projects that "scratch your own itch". Do you feel a need for something in the TON ecosystem? If you do, that might me a great starting point.

Regarding the jobs, there's a Careers page on https://jobs.ton.org/

Probably not all the companies use it, so you might also check out projects on ton.app and reach out to some of them to see if they have any open positions.

Posted one year ago
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