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Should I use the masterchain or a workchain?

I don't fully understand the masterchain/workchain distinction yet. If someone sends me Toncoins, what chain does it send it in? Do I need to use the same chain to get it? What chain should I generally use? Is the masterchain "the main one" so all the developers should prefer it?

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Posted one year ago
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Masterchain is a "system-level" chain for stuff that affects the whole network, and workchain is where the "regular life" happens such as users sending each other Toncoins. There is only one workchain at the moment, but there could be possibly much more in the future.

You could probably think of the masterchain as the "basement" of a building and of workchain(s) as the "floor(s)" where people actually live.

So mostly you don't need to deal with the "basement", you just do your stuff using the basic workchain. And if you'll need to "go to the basement" (directly interact with the masterchain) for some reason in the future, that would probably mean you got into some low-level stuff, and by that time you'll know the difference.

Posted one year ago
Edited one year ago

master chain is also a lot more expensive in terms of gas prices, so users will rationally use base chain for normal tasks.

Behrang Norouzinia   one year ago Report