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Why don't I receive an error when attempting to call a non-existent get method?

Using the JSON API, I'm attempting to call a get method on a non existing method on a smart contract.

I send a POST request to /runGetMethod.

	"address": "...",
	"method": "nonexistentmethodname",
	"stack": []

I expect to get an error, but I get the result shown below:

	"ok": true,
	"result": {
		"@type": "smc.runResult",
		"gas_used": 0,
		"stack": [
		"exit_code": -13,
		"@extra": "1661342201.3654168:14:0.5828632398991145"

Does the "-13" refer to the error code 13?

13 - Out of gas error. Thrown by TVM when the remaining gas becomes negative.

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No it's not a same exit code. You recieve a "-13" exit code. API called lite-server and receive some result it's why you got 200 OK. -13 exit code I would say it means method_id not found on smartcontract (but I can't find this remark in documentation).

13 - Out of gas error. (it is not a negative number and means out of gas)

Posted one year ago