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Zero amount jettons in transaction

I'm trying to send jettons from one wallet to another. For this I use the library tonweb.
Whenever i send transaction, i get a zero amount of tokens. Why is this and how can i fix it?

My code looks like:

import Env from "@ioc:Adonis/Core/Env";
import TonWeb from "tonweb";
import {mnemonicToWalletKey} from "@ton/crypto";

const mnemonic = Env.get('TON_MNEMONIC');

const tonweb = new TonWeb(new TonWeb.HttpProvider('https://toncenter.com/api/v2/jsonRPC', {apiKey: 'e................4fef9'}));

export const SendTokens = async () => {
  const keyPair = await mnemonicToWalletKey(mnemonic.split(" "));

  const WalletClass = tonweb.wallet.all.v4R2;

  const wallet = new WalletClass(tonweb.provider, {
    publicKey: keyPair.publicKey

  const address = await wallet.getAddress();

  console.log("my address", address.toString());

  const jettonMinter = new TonWeb.token.jetton.JettonMinter(tonweb.provider, {
    adminAddress: address,
    jettonContentUri: "",
    jettonWalletCodeHex: "GEM",
    address: "0:e609c3e241e054e3f078a974e7cd46ea49bcb3e3d8ac4d48c658d27970edb072"});

  const data = await jettonMinter.getJettonData();

  console.log('Total supply:', data.totalSupply.toString());
  console.log('URI to off-chain metadata:', data.jettonContentUri);
  //console.log('Owner address:', data.adminAddress(true, true, true));

  const jettonWalletAddress = await jettonMinter.getJettonWalletAddress(address);

  console.log("jetton wallet address", jettonWalletAddress.toString())

  const jettonWallet = new TonWeb.token.jetton.JettonWallet(tonweb.provider, {
    address: jettonWalletAddress

  const jettonData = await jettonWallet.getData();

  console.log("minter address", jettonData.jettonMinterAddress.toString());
  console.log('Jetton wallet address:', address.toString(true, true, true));

  const seqno = (await wallet.methods.seqno().call()) || 0;

  console.log('Secno:', seqno);

  const comment = new Uint8Array([... new Uint8Array(4), ... new TextEncoder().encode('transfer GEM 3')]);

  await wallet.methods.transfer({
    secretKey: keyPair.secretKey,
    toAddress: jettonWalletAddress, // address of Jetton wallet of Jetton sender
    amount: TonWeb.utils.toNano('0.05'), // total amount of TONs attached to the transfer message
    seqno: seqno,
    payload: await jettonWallet.createTransferBody({
      queryId: seqno,
      tokenAmount: TonWeb.utils.toNano('0.05'), // Jetton amount (in basic indivisible units)
      toAddress: new TonWeb.utils.Address("0:19b46402e5e4c173ea84d8125345f67fe0a07f113588ab897408231d482044b1"), // recepient user's wallet address (not Jetton wallet)
      forwardAmount: TonWeb.utils.toNano('0.01'), // some amount of TONs to invoke Transfer notification message
      forwardPayload: comment, // text comment for Transfer notification message
      responseAddress: address // return the TONs after deducting commissions back to the sender's wallet address
    sendMode: 3,

zero transactions in viewer https://tonviewer.com/EQAxLtVoJedFWnlIw0Z35Bjmw3HSY8D9fg-mAxwj5AJ_3Us-/jetton/EQDmCcPiQeBU4_B4qXTnzUbqSbyz49isTUjGWNJ5cO2wcs5s

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Answers 2

This is tonweb library typing error.
Need replace tokenAmount to jettonAmount.

Posted 10 months ago

omg i can not belive i wasted 4 days on a stupid type error in the library

samyar   6 months ago Report

How should we write code if we want to transfer Jetton with a wallet already connected with tonconnect-ui?

Posted 8 months ago
2 Answers
10 months ago
8 months ago